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Rules of obtaining the FMRRC Certificate

To obtain the Certificate of compliance a financial organization shall:

  • file an application in accordance with the set form for certification of services provided.
  • provide the necessary documents: license, certificates required in accordance with the set requirements as well as documents regulating interaction of applicant company and customers.
  • conclude an agreement for the certification of services.
  • pay for the certification services.

Subsequently FMRRC conducts the following:

  • considers an application within 5 business days and announces its decision concerning the conditions and rules of conducting the certification;
  • collects information regarding the applicant company and conducts evaluation of brokerage services compliance with set requirements;
  • makes a decision regarding issuing or denial of issuing the certificate;
  • processes and registers the certificate of compliance (in case of a positive decision);
  • issues the certificate to the applicant.